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Although computer renderings are effective in certain situations, there is no more effective conveyance of the real thing than a tactile, three dimensional representation; a scale model.


Welcome to Kelley Morris Models & Miniatures
- formerly known as Kelley Morris Scale Models.

Since 1980, our company has been devoted to creating extremely accurate high quality scale models for a wide range of industries including architectural models, engineering and litigation models, models for patent submission, models of planes, rockets, spacecraft, buses, commercial airliners and museum quality railroad models.

"With a successful background as a university professor, jeweler and silversmith, I began this firm with the intent of perfection, regardless of size, scope or budget of the given project! My underlying philosophy continues to be the standard by which all company projects are built, and a primary reason Kelly Morris Models & Miniatures remains a leader in scale model planning, construction and installation. " - Kelley Morris

Nearly three decades later, we are proud of our extensive list of satisfied customers, including Fortune 500 companies, that have hired Kelley Morris Models and Miniatures. The models produced have found their way to various museums, collections, firms and individuals throughout the United States as well as a number of foreign countries.

Thank you for your interest in our firm. We invite you to browse at will. Enjoy!

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