Engineering and litigation scale models

Engineering & Legal Models

Scale models can serve many purposes. Engineering and legal scale models place the emphasis not only on the three dimensionality, but accuracy - in various ways; fit, clearance, tolerances, weight, color integrity and even shrinkage. Scale models destined for the court room must represent the client's needs first and foremost: facts. situations and relationships. A sub catagory is investor's prototypes, or patent models. Although non-disclosure prevents our displaying these pieces, the projects follow the same suite of constraints, as well as others. These models allow us the priviledge of sharing in the development of someone's idea, and to provide an interesting and important service for those individuals intent upon shaping the future.

Often, the engineering prototypes we construct are done in 1:1 ( actual size) or 1:2 ( half size). They may be simply mock-ups, or a much more sophisticated rendition of the real item, perhaps made of the same materials and of the identical weight, even functioning realistically. "Exploded" models - where the individual components react with each other, are useful for concept clarification, often at trade shows.

When Models and Miniatures Co. ( Kelley Morris Scale Models) began in 1980, Kelley Morris was a prime supplier of miniature patterns to many industries. Today these masters are still a featured product, enabling manufacturers to supply their customers with precision cast parts in metal or resin for production assemblies, the jewelry industry, sporting goods, or hobby kits.

The enjoyment gained by being part of a group effort is often one of the by products of engineering model construction. Being able to contribute to a client's success is a gratifying experience. If you need a scale model of an engineering subject, we'd love to help you realize your goal.

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  Air Filter Litigation model  

1"=1'-0" (1:12) scale
Litigation model of an air filter/duct unit.

Constructed of Plexiglass. aluminum and brass with styrene construction.

  Flywheel model   Full size mock up of a flywheel battery. Used at the auto shows and for display to prospective investors.  
  Tacoma NArrows Bridge   1" to 1' scale (1:12) model of the Tacoma Narrows Suspension Bridge. This is an engineering model, a portion of one of the two towers - to scale, but not super detailed. For training crews regarding rigging, safety, ingress, egress, etc.. Basic tower is plywood; detail is acrylic, brass, steel, and aluminum.  
  Controlroom model   One of four separate scale control room mock-ups used to coordinate a command and control system.  
rocket engine scale model
  Full scale (1:1) rocket motor mock ups. Built of maple, aluminum and stainless steel. Necessary to duplicate actual weight as component part.  
  Scale models and miniatures   Typical subassembly for a major project. Each part is fabricated, painted and the whole unit is then assembled ,ready for installation.  
  rocket scale model   1/4 Actual size missle model used in print advertising. Although complete in detail, the ad focused on component parts. All plexiglass construction.  
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