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Railroad Models:

Like so many other children, I posess a memory of a steam locomotive that will never go away. Though steam engines would be around for a few more years, my father took me to the local roundhouse, sat me upon his shoulders, and described the scene before us; a switch engine being moved onto the turntable getting ready to proceed with its' days' work. I will always remember that event - before long, diesels did that same work, and my father's prediction of steam no longer switching the city streets and waterfront where he worked had come true.

Of the numerous models built by our firm over the years, many are favorites, but I must confess railroad models are probably closest to my heart. My training as a jeweler and metalsmith, coupled with a love of trains, had become a full blown hobby that would eventually take me away from teaching and into the business world. Call it a hobby that got out of hand!

The jeweler's patterns and small industrial components we began with, soon were companions to custom train models for collectors, and mixed media rail models for corporations. To be fair, the other types of models we do to this day were also keeping us busy; architectural, engineering and other forms of transportation. Thus began a full-service scale model firm known as Kelley Morris Scale Models and the Models and Miniatures Company.

With knowledge comes opportunity. Interest promotes this knowledge. By being interested in railroads a continual body of information was aquired, and the expertise to construct accurate replicas enabled the business to grow. This, of course is true of the other catagories.

The railroad models we do now are an interesting mix. They vary from large scale, photo realistic trains, to smaller collector pieces, fashioned to replicate a certain locomotive or car, perhaps even at a specific time or place. Generally speaking, the smaller pieces often are of metal, while the larger ones are of plastics, primarily. There may be component parts, or complete trains. In addition to collectors, we have done scale railroad models for print ads and videos, manufacturer's prototypes, awards, retirement gifts to railroad officials and magazine articles; singly or in series, and, as with other areas of our business, sales tools for railroads, travel businesses or builders of the real thing.

I am sure you can sense our passion for these subjects. Perhaps we can assist you in acheiving your vision. After all, that's what got us started.

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  Amtrak F59 PHI scale model Scratch built constructed 3/8" scale model of Amtrak F59 PHI locomotive. Again, plastic & metal construction, both cast and fabricated.  
  scale model train detail Custom painting is a featured service we provide. This is an imported brass steam locomotive, brought to us for painting and weathering- Colorado; circa 1947.  
  scale train model Presentation model built in 3/4" scale from metal, plexiglass, urethane and white metal. Like many models this was supplied with plexiglass cover.  
  scale model train Color photo of finished 3/8" scale Southern Railway PS-4 locomotive. Custom built for a private collection.  
  Scale model trains Close up photo showing details of the front of a 3/8" scale locomotive frame. This is completely scratch built from brass and nickel silver, and original blueprints were utilized.  
  scale model train Commercial model constructed for major advertising campaign. 3/4" scale F-59 PHI, fabricated and vacumformed acrylic and styrene. Photo etched brass and cast white metal.  
  Rail ar scale model Another railcar from 35' long 3/4" scale train. Each of these cars are over 4 feet long, and feature complete interiors and exterior details.  
  Scale model train Photo realistic railcar model in3/4" scale. Vacuformed plexiglass combind with cast urethane, white metal and brass fabrications & photo etchings.  
  Westours scale model train 1/2" scale railcar with case. Promotional piece for travel industry. Acrylic, urethane, brass and aluminum construction.  
  Scale model locomotive Hand fabricated brass locomotive model in 1:24 scale. All parts, including master patterns for casting, fabrications, and machined components are from scratch.  
  scale model train A brass pattern set machined and fabricated.
A mold will be made from these to produce wax parts for the lost wax casting process.
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