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Transportation Models:

The general heading of transportation ( including railroad) undoubtedly represents the largest single percentage of our work. The models and miniatures logo design was incorporated at a time when the majority of the scale models we produced were of transportation subjects. We are still quite involved in these areas today, and fully enjoy this aspect of our business. Much of our client list is comprised of companies that have commissioned aircraft, trucks, busses, ships and spacecraft.

Because Kelley Morris Scale Models is familiar with these subjects, we have been able to contribute to a large number of new concepts, as well as build many hitorical replicas. The variety is endless, and this makes our involvement all the more enjoyable.

The primary uses of scale transportation models are: concept representation, trade show displays, the travel industry, awards, gifts, collectables and museum installations.

Creative solutions to displaying these pieces often becomes a key to satisfying the client's requirements or enjoyment of the project. For example, a stamp collector once requested an "animated" stamp to be large enough that when displayed, it would become a sculptural addition to his study. Our solution was to take a rare airmail stamp, photographically enlarge it to approximately 2.5' x 3.5 feet, then cut out the central image of an early biplane, and replace it with a scale model, built to the appropriate appearance and size, suspending it as though "flying" through the stamp. This was then properly framed and hung from the ceiling, where our customer could enjoy it on a daily basis. On a corporate level, sophisticated models can become a featured display in a lobby or boardroom, providing proud evidence of the firm's capital equipment and capabilities. Recently, we completed a large model of a floating dredge, with an idler barge linked to it; the total length of this scale model was nearly eleven feet ( in 3/16 scale). It took a huge effort; much research, massive numbers of manhours and thousands of parts built with a variety of techniques - all from scratch. On a project of this nature, everyone has a lot at stake, and we were quite thankful to have had great support on all fronts. These "corporate heirlooms" as we refer to them can only be built via team philosophy. We enjoy that concept. Please consider letting out team work for you, no matter what size your project is!

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  Ship scale models 3/16" scale tugboat model, done as part of a series from vintage blue prints. Urethane foam, fiberglass, brass, aluminum, acrylic and cast white metal.  
  scale model truck Oil Field Truck
Fabricated for a major oil company from styrene, with cast resin tires and wheels and numerous metal parts. 1:24 scale.
  scale model dredge 3/16" scale
Large model of a floating dredge, with an idler barge linked to it; the total length of this scale model was nearly eleven feet .
  Yacht scale model Two different yacht models done to scale and representing 120' + hulls. Brought to a high gloss finish to represent the luxury of the actual vessels.  
  scale model plane

Fiberglass and urethane model in 1:100 scale, painted to prototype new livery for designs and airline use.

  Tanker scale model boats

324' Hopper Dredge

This model is installed in a "working" pose, and is part of a series. 48" long overall.

  Space Station scale model Installation complete! 26' long space station with 7' long shuttle model. Done for a corporate office in Oslo, Norway. Built in cooperation with 3 major corporations. Our involvement began with project planning and design and carried through construction, shipping and installation. Materials include plexiglass, aluminum, brass, urethane foam, and stainless steel.  
  Alaska Air scale model These models serve many purposes; to view a new paint scheme, as gifts to officers or clients, or as displays in the travel industry.  
  scale model yacht

These are often used at trade shows and are preferred over two-dimensional media.

Materials fiberglass, urethane foam, plexiglass, metal

  bus scale model 1/2" scale ( 1:24) scale model of Holland America Prevost Bus. Built from vacuformed plexiglass, cast urethane, styrene and cast white metal. Again, a sales tool.  
  Nasa_01 Proposed space craft.
Done in plexiglass, urethane.
  NAsa space craft scale model One of a number of proposed space launch alternatives to manned flight. Done in plexiglass and brass. 20" high.  
  scale model aircraft carrier 1/4" = 1'-0" scale models of the U.S.S. Valley Forge with an F9F Panther jet landing, circa 1951 Korean War. Done as a gift to former squadron pilot.  
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